i.m.p.a.c.t.365 signs Arrowtech Golf Company

February 8, 2003 (CHICAGO, IL)- The quality manufacturer Arrowtech Golf announced today that they have enlisted i.m.p.a.c.t.365 as their marketing and sales partner. Arrowtech manufactures golf clubs, accessories and components in the Far East under the brand names Arrowtech Golf and Ballista Golf. According to Agie Chen, President, “we picked i.m.p.a.c.t.365 because we believe that…

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i.m.p.a.c.t.365 is launched

February 7, 2003 (CHICAGO IL)- Ron Slucker VP and a founder of Sportsloop communications announced today that he has begun a new venture, i.m.p.a.c.t.365. The new sports and entertainment marketing firm promises to provide its’ clients with a unique and creative approach to sales and marketing. Ron Slucker, President and C.E.O. stated that his firm…

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